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I grew up in northeastern Ohio and moved to and lived in Chicago after college and medical school. I am and have practiced as a radiologist in Chicago and North Carolina. I currently reside in the North Carolina piedmont. I have always been a visual person, but as time moved forward, I began to enjoy my painting hobby more and more. My medical career has enhanced my eye for detail, but also allowed me to realize the importance of the “big picture”.

I remember my first watercolor class  - with one paintbrush and a few tubes of paint! This class ignited my passion for art. I have maintained my love of watercolor, but also enjoy oil and pastel with some limited work in acrylics.

My work primarily focuses on nature and my surroundings; people, animals, flowers, and plants.

I have included some examples of my work. I realize that all art and artists are unique and some are more likely to create a connection with an individual than others. That is the wonder and beauty of art! If you wish to commission a painting, please check out  Purchase  for contact information.

About Me